Consultancywith insight

Decision-makers in today’s companies face challenging questions on a regular basis – whether they concern the strategic alignment, streamlining the cost bases, improving the transparency of the financial data or overcoming crises. These kinds of decisions become easier to manage when the services of a professional consultant are drawn on.

At CONSULTATIO, such challenging situations are our daily business. Our experienced business consultants will analyse your individual situation, work out a sustainable solution together with you and support you during its implementation.

The special quality of the CONSULTATIO consulting team is not just a matter of industry expertise or wide-ranging experience. Our clients benefit in particular from the seamless interdisciplinary synergy of auditors, tax consultants, attorneys and other experts working together. Solutions can be optimized when multiple perspectives are brought to bear, especially in matters such as advising on a corporate acquisition or divestment, strategic realignment, restructuring or rescuing a business or division.

Establishment of new legal entities in the Republic of Slovenia

We help and advise you by setting up the company, we conduct the process of setting up and take care of all administrative procedures.

Status transformation

We advise and manage all the processes of mergers, spin offs, etc.

Registration of foreign legal persons in Slovenia

We arrange all the procedures related to the obtaining Slovenian tax identification number for companies and for individuals, arrange entry in the VAT register.

Legal consultancy

We can prepare internal policies and rules, employment contracts, we advise by business contracts conclusions, etc.

Due diligence of the company

We performed due diligence of the company and advise by buying the share in the target company (acquisition, merger, acquisition of part of the company).


We can offer consultancy and support also on the area of tax optimization, improvement of control and monitoring system, assessments of investment projects, control of inventory management as well as on all other areas of business.

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