EU fundingbased on experience

European funds reimburse the costs of the approved project only if the money is spent in accordance with the rules agreed in the Grant Agreement between the beneficiary - the project applicant and the European Commission fund. In auditing the financial part of European projects, we have been cooperating with the Slovenian economy and the Ministry for more than 10 years. That's why we know all the details that users have to pay attention to when choosing contractors, how they spend money and how they evaluate their own work. Our knowledge and experience can make your work in providing documentation during the project much easier, and the preparation of interim and final reports will be easier and faster, and above all, less stressful.

Help when starting a project

  • We are reviewing the Grant Agreement
  • Let's get acquainted with the project that is the subject of financing
  • We help you prepare a list of necessary documentation

Audit of financial reports

When auditing the project, we check:

  • Coordination of documentation with the Grant Agreement
  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Supplier invoices according to content and timeliness
  • Adequacy of return of own work

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